Jethro, a leading member of the Wusaraambya community, felt the shivers running down his spine as he listened to the gospel message. A God who was bigger than himself had come down to be crucified for his sin—but why? His rational brain struggled to accept the love that was pouring out of the Saviour’s eyes as he watched the enactment of the crucifixion.

But as he listened, he began to accept the love, feeling it pouring into him.

“It was then that I realized that God is really the one who controls everything,” Jethro admits with wonder. “I used to think that it was the spirits who controlled everything—and that kept me living in constant fear.”

The second thing he realized was that his whole family needed to hear—his wife and his six kids. Just as the thought crossed his mind, a messenger interrupted his thoughts, to tell him that his wife had gone into premature labour.

Jethro ran home through the jungle to find that his youngest daughter had entered the world with a body so small that his wife could hold her in the palm of her hand.

“Because my people considered such a child a curse, my wife wanted to kill the baby,” says Jethro. But as he stood looking down at his little child, he could not imagine throwing her into a river to drown or leaving her abandoned in the jungle like other prematurely born Wusaraambya babies. Instead, he knew what he had to do…he had to keep the child.

“I told my wife that it wasn’t God’s way to kill our child,” says Jethro. “I knew that this child was not a curse—instead, it was a present to us from God.”

As he and his wife began to nurture the child into health, they saw God working as the child grew stronger each day. Meanwhile, his wife was amazed by Jethro’s patience and the change she saw in him. She now decided to come to the teaching to learn about God.

“Now, three years later, my wife and my seven kids come with me every day to hear more about God,” shares Jethro, as he holds the hand of his little daughter, who is now alive and well.