Tim and Kat Warner face a lot as they get ready to return to their ministry.

Tim and Kat Warner are returning to Mozambique for their second term with a goal. They want to officially complete their culture and language study.

Kat says they are encouraged to know that Tim is very close to reaching this goal and she is not far behind him.

They are already praying a lot about what comes next for their family; eager to discover what long-term ministry God has waiting for them.

Their busy first term was filled with leading small group Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship with missionary children and youth leadership.

Tim also got involved in community soccer. Kat says they made it a priority to build friendships as they got involved with people in various ways.

When their first term ended, the Warners found themselves needing some downtime for rest and reflection. Kat was also expecting their second child at that time.

Three months after their baby girl, Kira, was born, a terrifying accident sent her falling from a second floor balcony.

Kat shares the shock and terror of that time, “She was airlifted to Children’s Hospital where she spent the next five days in intensive care. She broke a lot of bones, received a blood transfusion and had a lot of trauma, but by God’s mighty and gracious Hand, she is now 10 months old and in perfect health.”

This season of trial set Tim and Kat back–both emotionally and financially–and delayed their plans to return to Mozambique.

“God blessed us with an awesome pastor, who counseled us through a lot of our rough experiences,” Kat shares, “and we now believe we are ready to go back.”

She says their hearts can grow fearful of the unknown future and of leaving once again the comforts and security of home, family and friends. She says that reading the story from the Gospel of Mark about Jesus calming the storm has been a great blessing to them in uncertain, perplexing times.

Kat shares honestly that sometimes their hearts ask, “Where will we live? Will it be safe? Will the kids do well? How will we get the things we need?”

And then the verses from Mark chapter 4 and remembrance of Christ calming the storm assure them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith? Did you not just experience My growing your daughter perfectly in your womb?