Ralf and Elli Schlegel minister among the Dinangat people of Papua New Guinea. “When Gary, our co-worker, met with the elders and Bible teachers to see how things are going in the church and what questions they might have, they discussed what to teach next in church. Gary asked them what they thought were the needs of the church at this time. Together, with that in mind, they looked at the themes of the books in the New Testament. They then all agreed that, because of their tendency to slip back into old thinking, it was time again to teach the letter of Paul to the Galatians. Please pray that the church would stand strong on the truth of God’s Word only. The Dinangat church is also presently praying about possibly appointing two men as leaders in the church of the neighbouring village. So, Gary encouraged them to look closely at Timothy 3 and Titus 1 as they’re trying to find out if those two men qualify according to God’s Word. Please pray for them in that decision-making process.”

The prayer request above is one of five that we emailed to the Ethnos Prayer Team on Saturday.
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