Canadians Dave and Judy Wright are seeking to bless the Canadian Church through foundational disciple-making called ‘Establish.’ So far, God has been moving powerfully in three small indigenous churches in northwestern Saskatchewan where Ethnos missionaries have been discipling every other weekend since 2018. A very diverse group of aboriginal believers from different denominations are being deeply impacted by truth. One Woodland Cree elder/evangelist said this, “When I heard about Establish, it was a light bulb moment. This was what I was missing, and I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling they were missing the complete story. So many aboriginal people I journey with want desperately to know that story.” This is God at work like we’ve seen Him work overseas for so many years! Now word is spreading to non-aboriginal churches in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Please pray for favour, discernment, provision, and protection. Connect with Dave and Judy.

The prayer request above is one of five that we emailed to the Ethnos Prayer Team on Saturday.

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