Brian and Katherine Schaadt minister together in Ethnos360 Aviation in the Philippines. Brian is the Field Chief Pilot/Mechanic. “Thanks to so many of you who prayed for my flights today. The weather never really got ‘good,’ but it was good enough to take a very long way around to get the passengers who needed a dentist, out of the [Higaunon] and to town where they can get the attention they need. I would appreciate [if] you continue to pray, as you think of it, for the other flights I had planned to do while here. We have already modified them to the present conditions and time I have left here, but if I could complete a couple other flights, I could get a translator to the village for one final visit before they take their [home assignment] to their home country. I could get some finished translated material to some believers. And I would also be able to take some other believers to one of their mission outreaches to save them the [over] 8-hour hike on wet, slippery mountain trails and across swollen rivers. I have always known that flying and praying go well together, but it really shows on days like this, and I appreciate your being part of that ministry with me.” Pray as Brian and all those in the flight program of Ethnos360 for these very things and above all for safety. Learn more about missionary aviation.

The prayer request above is one of five that we emailed to the Ethnos Prayer Team on Saturday.

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