Steve and Natalie Hutchings trained for ministry with Ethnos Canada in Durham and now minister among a people group in Asia Pacific. “We are really amazed at how things have kicked off in official language study! Steve has managed to gain 300 hours under his belt while still working on different projects and working on the house. I am really surprised that I have reached 211 hours in this first two and a half months and thank the Lord for His sustaining grace as I have juggled this with homeschooling. This language is really interesting! The verbs are very difficult to understand as they change form in many different contexts. Just when we think we have one word worked out, we test it and often discover that it doesn’t fit in the context we find ourselves in. The same goes for pronouns and just about every word so far. Amazingly, despite this challenging language, we each have managed to communicate with the people in very basic ways, our understanding is increasing and we are able to use practical expressions that help us get through the days, such as ‘a-ma-mino-ge’, ‘what are you doing?’ Pray for progress in this difficult language.” Learn more about our training.