Tobi Magill ministers as a nurse at the medical clinic at the support centre in Papua New Guinea. “Our newest expansions into church planting have expanded our helicopter program beyond what our current program can do, and our current helicopter is getting old and showing its age. We have been approved by [the] Ethnos360 Aviation team to begin fundraising for three brand new Robinson Helicopters for our field to meet these new demands. Just like God has previously provided us not one but three brand new Kodiak airplanes when we needed them and He prevented any medical evacuations during the time we were without a workable plane, He can keep our missionaries safe while we are limited on helicopter flights and can provide for our new helicopter needs! We know it! We’ve personally seen Him do it! Despite having only one helicopter and all of the issues it had, we still found at the end of the year that we’d logged more cargo carried, more passengers lifted and more hours logged with it than we have ever done before and all safely performed! Praise God with us for His gracious provision and caring hands! Please pray with us for the provision of these three new helicopters!”

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