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Want to know about the amazing changes God is making in the lives of tribal people and missionaries? Get updates from the field and be equipped to pray effectively for the work God is doing through Ethnos missionaries around the world. Sign up for email newsletters or click here to receive the Ethnos Magazine by mail.

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Your gifts can help fund not only Bible translation, but teaching people to read and understand God’s Word, at a cost of $35 a verse. Fund Bible translation, missionary aviation and more.

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Ethnos (founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission) has received over a 100 requests from people groups for someone, anyone, to come share "God's talk" with them. Who knows... maybe you or someone you know could be the one God wants to use as part of a global team to reach unreached people groups.

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Ethnos Canada

Of the world’s 6,500 people groups, 2,500 are still unreached.

Ethnos Canada helps local churches mobilize, equip, and coordinate missionaries to these people.

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Bible Translation

$35 pays for a verse and a lot more. It pays for all the costs of translating a verse, flying people in to check it, attending seminars to help translators do it well — even printing it and getting it to the people.

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Gifts to FirstStory Ministry are used in the most strategic way to support the work of missionaries serving Canada’s First Peoples.

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Equipping National Coworkers

For 75 years we’ve been working worldwide, but many problems prevent us from sending Ethnos missionaries to every people group that lacks a thriving church. And there’s one answer to all of them: Training. You can play a role in helping provide for the training of people from other countries to reach not only their own country, but the world.


Discover your role in establishing thriving churches for every people. Fill out the form below to contact us about training for career service or serving short-term.

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