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What Is This Special Message from God?

When was the last time someone asked you to tell them about Jesus? In fact, have you ever been asked that question?

Better yet, imagine this: It is Sunday, and you are in your seat at church. The service has just ended when a group of nine people walk in. They walk straight to the minister and introduce themselves as being from a small town a short distance away. They explain they have heard rumours about a message from God that is contained in a special book and that they have heard the minister is able to read and explain that message. Sadly, none of their townspeople read or write, and they are hoping that he or a friend of his will come and help them understand this message.

Sounds a bit bizarre, doesn’t it? But these things really happen.

Pray for missionaries to minister to this language group.

Geoff and Dar Gail McNabb minister at the home office in North Cotes, England.

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Attracted to A Powerful Message

Melki is a young married man who came to our teacher training course a while back. He was eager to help his villagers come to know the truth that had changed his life forever. He went back to his village with great expectations, not in himself, but in the power of God’s Word. He started teaching through the first course, and people heard the powerful message of the God of Creation and how He was holy, all-powerful, never-changing, eternal, all-seeing and all-knowing.

Melki’s villagers got more and more interested and asked him to teach every day. They decided their garden work could wait until after they had finished class each morning. Many were thrilled to hear the gospel of grace for the first time. There were dramatic changes in their lives and in their community. More and more people were attracted by the transformation of their neighbours. Melki now provides teaching for the unbelievers, new and more mature believers.

God transformed a community which was known for sin and addictions. Just think how He can use each one of us to teach and disciple others. Is discipleship more important to us than food? Please pray for Melki as he disciples and teaches.

Jim and Kathy Tanner minister as church planting consultants in Papua New Guinea.


group gathered to watch bush plane land

New Airstrip Brings Requested Bible Teaching

Three Wano Bible teachers and I flew to the village of P in a helicopter and were there two days later when a Mission Aviation Fellowship plane came in and did their first landing on the airstrip.

Weather was an issue and slowed down the original plan, but we praise the Lord that the plane was able to make it in after circling for about 45 minutes — and that the airstrip is now open. Also, we praise the Lord that He kept the weather open here so that the plane was able to bring us back home as well.

We are really excited that the P airstrip is now open, and our next step is figuring out which Bible teachers we will be able to send there soon. This all is a huge answer to prayer [as the village of] P has been asking for Bible teaching in their village for more than four years, and with the airstrip being open, it will be that much easier to send teachers. A three-day hike has now turned into a 10-minute flight.

Pray for the Bible teachers that will finally get to go.

Tim and Rebecca Ingles minister among the Wano people in Asia Pacific.