Instead of spending a holiday relaxing, Canadian Rebecca Preheim and two Mengen co-workers spent many hours checking the translation.

“The Mengen people can finally read the book of Romans in their own language!” Rebecca Preheim shares with tears in her eyes, after fifteen long months of toiling in translation.

The days leading up to the final Romans check were hot and muggy, some of the hottest days Rebecca had ever seen. Expectation hung in the air as Rebecca Preheim prepared to meet her Mengen language helpers, who would fly out of the tribe, and Jason Stuart, the language consultant, at NTM offices in a nearby town.

“I was incredibly nervous, knowing that we had such a brief window of time to get the language check done,” admits Rebecca Preheim.

Instead of spending the New Years Day and the two days prior, relaxing, Rebecca and her Mengen co-workers toiled for many hours checking Romans for clarity and continuity.

“For the first time in three weeks, God blessed us with two days of cool weather,” Rebecca shares. “Instead of checking the four chapters a day we had anticipated, we were able to check 13 chapters in two days!”

The evening of the second night fell on New Years Eve. The third morning, the language helpers, Rebecca, and Jason came together in prayer before finishing the check.

“We were all exhausted from the noise the night before,” Rebecca shares. But as they prayed, they began to find renewed strength in God.