Watching a young family being transformed by God’s grace is exciting.

Does God really answer prayer?

Missionary Eric Hedeen is encouraged to watch as He does just that—in many lives, in many ways. He shares one recent example.

Metai and Mobe are a young couple who are the parents of three little girls.

For some time, Mobe has been very excited about growing in Christ, but her husband, Metai, has not been very interested in spiritual things.

“He is a nice guy,” Eric explains, “but just apathetic about the Lord. For a couple of years, now, Mobe has been fervently praying for her husband—that he would want to walk with God and serve Him.”

For some time, there hasn’t been much outward evidence of anything changing, but God has been at work in Metai’s heart in response to Mobe’s prayers.

“Seemingly out of nowhere,” Eric shares, “Metai asked to be trained as a literacy teacher.”

“I still remember our first reaction to his request,” he continues. “We all kind of looked at each other and wondered what was up with that.”

Eric writes that Metai is doing an excellent job as a literacy teacher, and along with that, has been faithfully attending a Bible training course. Almost every week, Metai is first in the class to stand and say the Bible verse.

And what is the reason for this radical change? Eric is certain it can only be one thing.

“There is no explanation for this,” he says, “except God. He answers prayer!”

“Hopefully,” he continues, “this will encourage you to keep praying.”

Thank God for what He is doing in Metai’s heart in response to the earnest prayers of Mobe and others. Pray for God to work powerfully in Metai’s heart as he reads, studies and memorizes God’s Word. Pray that he will clearly see his need for Christ and embrace Him as Saviour and Lord of his life. Pray that God will unite Metai and Mobe and their precious little girls as a family in Him.