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God Himself Must Fix Our Nature

For too long, a fog of misunderstanding, false doctrine and belief in any other god than the one true God had hung over the hearts of the Menya people. Read how, as the missionaries taught foundational, chronological Bible lessons, they saw the haze blocking the true light of the gospel beginning to dissipate.

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  • studying the Bible in Simbari language

87 Translations Down — Opportunities Coming: 120

Can you imagine what it’s like for someone to read God’s Word in their language for the first time? You can make that happen today.

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  • fancy pen writing

From Our Executive Director

I’m going to say something that you won’t hear many missionaries say... I want you to close your Bible.

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  • montage of missions work around the world

Celebrate Every Step

Each step on the road to a thriving church for every people is cause for us to celebrate the goodness of God and praise His name.

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  • cross and crown of thorns with mock

Cross Day

Watch Cross Day, a video that shares that special day with us, the day when the Menya realized what Christ had done for them on the cross.

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  • Jeremy & Kimberly with their children

Jeremy & Kimberly Wardlaw

Jeremy and Kimberly are in Senegal, West Africa as church planters.

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  • Rick and Muriel Oickle with their daughters

Rick & Muriel Oickle

Rick and Muriel are in transition between ministries.

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AN EXCITED GROUP OF INAPANGS gathered on the first day of teaching, meeting in the U-shaped shelter they built for the occasion. A timeline representing biblical history stretched about 50 yards around the building.

“We are just this last mark in time, but God’s story goes all the way back to the beginning,” said a man who spoke for all those who marvelled at the new revelation.

“Our ancestors didn’t know about all that time back behind us. They didn’t know and so they couldn’t tell us. We didn’t know either until now.”

Their knowledge of God’s story and how it would affect them was just beginning…

Enter into the incredible journey of redemption for the Inapang people. Discover what it takes to reach an unreached people group and rejoice with us as you witness their transformation, from darkness to light!

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