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The Benefit of Missions

Pastor Ben Hazen believes that when people see God’s plan from the beginning was to reach the world, they find a sense of purpose, and the church benefits.

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  • Wayumi attendees walking up a stoney path in the woods

Wayumi Expedition

Pastor Ben Hazen shares about his experience on Wayumi Expedition, a summer camp and missions trip rolled into one.

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  • Steve and a group of young people walking in the woods at Wayumi

Wayumi is a Bridge

A sizeable stream separates the campus from Pennsylvania State Route 287. Without a bridge, it’d be tough to get there.

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  • Filipino motorcycle taxi with 3 passangers

Watching from a Distance

The seminar was simply fabulous! And we had hardly anything to do with it.

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  • Paraguayan man wearing a hat

The Old Honey Hunter

Far above the ground, Le’enis gave the honeycomb a good whack with his long stick. But then he lost his balance.

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  • aerial view of a man mowing a large lawn

Levelling the Playing Field

Fans go to see sports games for the action. But to see the equipment manager? No. Missions is the same way.

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From Our Executive Director

It took an incredible and diverse team from around the globe to enable my family to move into the Moi tribe of the Asia-Pacific Region.

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  • bundle of newspapers

News Around the World

Read this collection of missions stories and updates from around the world.

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Shane & Karen Whatley

Shane and Karen's growing up experiences impacted them in seeing the need for church planting among the unreached around the world.

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  • Pete and Lesley Doerksen

Pete & Lesley Doerksen

Only God could bring a German Mennonite boy living in Bolivia, South America and a Canadian girl living in Liberia, West Africa together!

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Here are opportunities for anyone to give to heart language ministries.

Reach Out for As Little As $3

Mengen Literacy and Evangelism: The three churches among the Mengen people in Papua New Guinea are inundated with requests to learn to read and write and for Bible lessons. But they lack the materials they need to do so. Here are some of the specific things your gifts can help provide:
· Mengen literacy kit: $1,250
· Six Mengen Evangelistic Bible teaching booklets for teachers: $60 each
· 50 Bible study Booklets for Acts: $3 each
· 50 Bible study Booklets for Romans: $3 each
· 50 Mengen Bibles: $10 each


Guahibo Bible Printing: The Guahibo church of Colombia has a wonderful problem
that you can help solve. Interest in God’s Word is so high that they are out of Bibles. With your help, they can print 20,000 more copies at a cost of less than $14 each.


Bible Translation: Your gift to Bible translation means another people group will be able to open God’s Word in their own language, read it and understand it. That’s because your $35 gift provides for translating a verse; for literacy materials so people can learn to read and write; and for Bible lessons in their language.

Give to Heart Language Minitries

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Bring your group to Wayumi Weekend Retreats in scenic central Pennsylvania to gain a bird’s-eye view of what it takes to reach the still unreached peoples of the world.

  • Learn how God is reaching unreached peoples around the world.
  • Experience the challenges of ministering in a foreign culture.
  • Discover the team necessary to reach isolated people groups.

Your adventure into tribal missions — without even leaving North America!

Learn more about Wayumi

ethnos360 bible institute students

Ethnos360 Bible Institute

Study the whole Bible in two years with an emphasis on cross-cultural missions.

Prepare for life and ministry.

Visit e360bible.org

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missionary and tribal children and mothers look at a book

See firsthand what it takes to plant a church among people who have no concept of the God of the Bible.
Learn from missionaries on the field and spend time with Indigenous people.
A six-week
college-level course
in Papua New Guinea.
Come for Interface and stay an extra
two weeks to get a closer look at one
of sixe key support ministries.
Spend a semester in Papua New Guinea
experiencing cross-cultural
church planting firsthand.
407-547-2491 | missiontrips@ntm.org

Impact the world for Christ using your career skills.

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