Barry Spor considers returning to a village he had to leave 16 years ago.

Missionaries Barry and Denise Spor are going home.

They are currently in the USA on itinerant ministry assignment. Barry is keeping up with the believers through his co-workers Lindy and Carol Drake and the internet. The missionary team is praying for God to guide them in getting their own satellite Internet system and through that hoping to correct Guanano Bible lessons live with a Guanano helper while he is in the USA.

This summer Lord willing they will be returning to the ministry. Then sometime later they are prayerfully considering travelling six days upriver to the village where they first taught the gospel.

When they left the village and moved away many years ago, they were able to give teaching and discipleship help to a few people in the fledgling church. But in spite of that the body there has not flourished.

“The purpose of the trip would be to scout out the spiritual needs of the spiritually feeble Guanano church there and see where we might build a small house to return and live with them for three to four months a year to disciple, teach and coach them so they will grow up in Jesus like the Guanano church is growing where we now minister,” Barry wrote.

Without further discipling and teaching it seems that the believers are not following Jesus as they were taught.