Missionary Katie Moore is learning the culture and language of the Nahuatl people. As she studies with her language helper she is beginning to understand the people.

“As we continue to spend hours daily studying the Nahuatl language, it is fun to see things start to take shape and make sense,” Katie wrote.

Several months ago when she wrote down the word, “amomelahtaketsaliste,” the general meaning seemed to be a lie. But as she studied she found out melah means straight. So the Nahuatl think that telling a lie is “crooked talk.”

An example of that is when a young girl from another village got on the radio and began to spread fear and confusion about how to please God. She told them that they must dress in certain clothing and perform certain dances so that it will rain. If the people fail to comply, she tells them that wild animals will eat them or bad things will happen to their relatives. With this crooked talk, the young girl is able to trap the Nauhuatl people.