A Dinangat Bible teacher is severely wounded and able to see God’s Hand in it all.

Every Monday, the Dinangat Bible teachers gather to fellowship and encourage each other. Three teachers must hike from a distant village to attend this meeting. Every week at these meetings, missionary Gary Smith writes, there is praise offered up to God for safety on the journey of all who are in attendance.

This week, there is extra cause for praise.

Last Monday, three Bible teachers, Areke and his two friends, were approaching their village on their hike back home. Their path was dark and they had only one small flashlight to share.

Areke slipped on a wet rock in the darkness and a small knife shot through the bag he carried and pierced his side. His friends ripped off his shirt and covered the wound. Then the two friends struggled to help Areke cover the remaining distance of the steep hike up the mountain to their village.