The Brooke’s Point Palawano people are impacted by the truth of God’s Word.

“Don’t ever gather together when outsiders call you to!” the Brooke’s Point Palawano forefathers warned. “They might burn you, too!”

It probably happened during the Spanish occupation, missionary Elise Long says. It’s about an old Palowano story that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Apparently, a group of Palowanos was lured into a big house with the promise of food and clothing. Promptly after they entered the place for this gathering, the house was set on fire. Tragically, this group of Palowano people were said to all have been burned alive.

So, the missionaries learned, there is a reason behind the reluctance of some of the Palowano people to gather to hear the Bible teaching recently started in Genesis.

But ten years have been invested in laying the foundation for Bible teaching with the Palowano people; ten years of being immersed in the culture, of relationship building, of language study and diligent literacy work.