Mark and Joanne Hunters’ neighbors think the house next door is home to more than 20 spirits.

“We’ll all leave together because the children are so afraid of the spirits that live in the vacant house next door to you,” said Mark and Joanne Hunter’s guests as they departed after sharing a meal one evening.

“Apparently there are more than 20 spirits that live in the house,” the Hunters wrote.

The cleaning lady quit when she discovered the footprints of children upstairs.

“Those were the footprints of the children spirits,” the cleaning lady concluded.

Others have commented about the “haunted house.”

“The gardener still works there, but he never enters the house.”

“Many people have seen faces in the windows.”


[the Hunters] don’t need to worry because the spirits stay inside the house. But it is good the former renters of your house didn’t rent the house, because no one from this village would have gone to visit them in that house.”

The Hunters, who are ministering at Grace International School in Thailand, are learning more about the culture of their neighbors. Despite being in Thailand since 1994, there is still much to learn.

“Please pray for us now as we try to understand our neighbors and their beliefs,” the Hunters wrote. “Even now we try to plant seeds — thoughts in their minds that would lead them to ask questions of their personal belief system.”