God’s Word Is Powerful

Literacy graduation ceremony - Iske people

While helping missionary Nisae Williamson do a comprehension check of the Bible translation of the story of Cain and Abel, Iski helper Caroline found herself absorbed in the story. It deeply impacted her.


“When I heard that Cain and Abel gave God offerings, it made me remember when I would take my garden food and put it on the altar for the [local religious leader].

“[He] deceived me for so many years. He told me that if I paid him, he would send my husband’s spirit to a good place.

Redemption Needed

Iske people singing and playing instruments

“ … when I left (the comprehension check), I was so full of anger at all of the people who have deceived me. I went home and just sat in my anger and didn’t do anything else.”

Pray that the Iski people would realize their lostness, just as Caroline did, when the teaching begins in early February. Pray that through the course of the teaching they would realize that they can be redeemed through faith in Christ alone.