The translation of John in Jalunga is done and now Penny Warner is working on Luke.

Penny Warner arrived in a Jalunga village and began to build relationships with the Jalungas in the early 1980s. Now she speaks Jalunga well and has understands their culture fairly well. She has been translating the Scriptures into the Jalunga for several years now.

Recently she returned from home assignment to the village where she lives. She had finished translating the book of John, but needed to finish comprehension checking the book. A young man who had helped her once before, but had moved away, returned to the village to attend school. He and another young man were willing to help her finish the comprehension checking of the book to help make sure the Bible translation was understandable and clear to the Jalunga people.

This month another missionary skilled in Bible translation will spend some time with her and a language helper. She will read the entire book in paragraphs or sections to the language helper to make sure that it is as natural and accurate as possible. He will say it back. She will make adjustments after that in the village and they will go over the translation word by word to make sure that everything is accurate so that the Jalunga people can have another potion of God’s Word in their language.