God is doing remarkable things in the Akolet church.

Julie Martin remembers a plaque her dad had on his desk when she was young.

It read, “I must hurry. For there they go, and I am their leader.”

“I always thought that was funny,” she continues. “I still do. But here we are feeling like that plaque totally applies to our situation here with the Akolet believers.”

The Akolet believers have been growing by leaps and bounds.

First they started their own version of Sunday School with the goal of teaching young children at their own level while at the same time, keeping them from causing distraction during the Bible teaching.

“What a great idea!” Julie comments. “Maybe we should have had it first?”

Next the Akolet church started a youth group. “That’s right,” says Julie. “The believers decided to start their own youth group.” She explains that the believers had been talking about how they needed to be helping each other and meeting each other’s needs. So the youth started a joint garden to provide food for people who need it.”