Well drilling in a Nahuatl village has stopped after the drill shaft broke.

After 16 days of attempting to hit water, drilling has stopped in Nahuatl land. Peter Hypki reports the metal tubing that connects to the drilling bit has snapped in half and there is 65 feet of metal tubing as well as the drill bit still stuck in the hole and no equipment to remove it.

The team from Living Water who planned and prepared, arriving to work hard for weeks with only one day off, has packed up. The hole has been covered. The missionary team is exhausted.

The drillers have gone out to the city to do maintenance and discuss the next steps. Will they continue the well; start a new one, or what?

A more important question to the team is how, in their emotional exhaustion, will they continue to express the changeless hope and trust they have in Him who provides all their needs?

They’ve refused to give in to those who have encouraged them to just offer a little money or some sacrifice on the altar of the village spirit. The team has clearly said they are committed to a shameless persistence much like that of the friend in Luke 11:5-9. Team member Katie Moore says she feels like that friend, knocking until the door is finally opened.