Wusuraambya Literacy Buildings

Your gift to this project will help to build two buildings that will be used for Sunday church activities and during the week for Bible teaching and literacy teaching.

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Spanish Translation Resources

A very limited number of resource books for Bible translators exists in Spanish. Your gift will help make one more valuable title available to them by facilitating the Spanish translation of "A Translation for Translators" by Dr. Ellis Deibler.

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Yanomami Talking Bibles

With your help, more Yanomami will have the opportunity to know for themselves the joy of salvation and maturity in Christ. Your gift will put more audio Bibles into the hands of the Yanomami people.

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Bible Translation

Bible translation works out to about $35 a verse. Will you sponsor a verse or two, or ten? Perhaps you could choose a chapter or even a book to sponsor.

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Loron Bible Translation

We would love for you to prayerfully consider how you can partner with us for the final printing and shipping of Loron Scripture. Thanks so much for standing with us to see God's Word reach the remotest parts of the earth.

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Mwinika Translation

You can be a part of reaching the Mwinika people with the Gospel of grace. Helping to fund the translation project will ensure that further generations of Mwinika people will be able to read the Scriptures and grow in the knowledge of God through your provision.

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