Missionary Casey Cretsinger shares the doubled joy of twins in a culture where two babies seldom survive.

Casey Cretsinger will never forget the day that Fatou brought her tiny twins to her house.

“Both were skeletal. I assumed that they were newborns. When Fatou told me that they were 2 months old, I honestly couldn’t believe it.”

Casey wasn’t at all sure the fragile babies would survive. And to make matters worse, their mommy, Fatou, was malnourished, ill and sleep-deprived.

“It was decided that all three would move to the village where we live so that I could keep a close eye on them,” Casey shares. “We started Fatou on a high-calorie diet to get her strength back and so see if she would be able to provide any milk for the babies. I taught several village ladies how to clean bottles, prepare formula and feed the babies from a bottle and burp them.”

These were all brand-new concepts to the village ladies. But Casey’s prayers were answered and her plan worked beautifully. Amazingly, the tiny, weak babies began to grow strong and healthy.