Ugly Roads

Two trips merged into one marathon trip that will take Joel McMartin away from home for close to three weeks. And he’ll spend at least four full days of that time driving over what his wife, Andi, can only describe as “ugly roads.”

Why do that?


McMartins with African co-workers

It’s a leadership trip. It’s about missionaries, about relationships and about strategy.

The men will meet with seven different teams from various West African countries. They’ll review strategies. They’ll see what struggles the missionaries are facing. And they’ll take the time to pray with them and get to know them better.

Why do that?


McMartins meeting with African man

We’re not islands unto ourselves. God made us to work together as a team. Part of being a team is providing guidance, direction and encouragement in strategy and struggles to those pressing on to finish the job.

And what job is that? One that is close to the heart of God, the task of seeing yet another people group reached with the gospel message.

Pray for the teams to be left encouraged and challenged to continue on.