Canadians Nathan and Emily Willems serve with Ethnos360 Aviation in the Asia-Pacific Region. “Though these days are not ideal for learning language and normal culture, we thank God that He has helped us progress through the first two stages of language learning. A year ago we understood just words and a few simple phrases. We are currently able to get around and buy what we need, make small talk and if we don’t know a word, talk around it until someone understands what we are asking for. That being said, we are far from interesting to listen to or capable at communicating well in heart-level conversations. While we might be able to get by at this language level in a support role, it has been decided that it is important for us to continue to study and be able to engage meaningfully in relationships with those around us. While we are eager to begin to serve in our aviation ministry, we know this season is important in order to thrive in ministry. Pray for perseverance and diligence as we study and balance studying with homeschooling and the demands of daily life here. Reach out to the Willems.

The prayer request above is one of five that we emailed to the Ethnos Prayer Team on Saturday.

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