For the missionary team to the Nahuatl people, getting a reliable water source has been more about the people seeing the power of the one true God.

For missionaries Pete and Liesl Hypki, with partners Tom and Teresa Elkins, Rachel Chapman, and Katie Moore, getting a reliable water source has been more about the Nahuatl people seeing the power of the one true God.

The team understands the need physically for good water, of course. Clean water that is close by will save the hours of time spent filling 55 gallon drums on their truck that haul it to the house. By then it’s dirty spring water that has to be filtered multiple times.

Pete and his team see the pursuit of good water presenting an opportunity to share with their neighbours the physical water all are thirsty for in order to live. They hope that the people will see that they care deeply about them.

One day they hope to share the true Living Water with the Nahuatl people.

The process has been long. The obstacles, huge.

After getting an estimate in June 2011, they raised funds until March 2012 when God brought in all the money needed. It was an amazing motivation to press on.

As quickly as God provided they discovered the driller went out of business. They were able to contract another driller who backed out by April of the same year. By then it was rainy season and it was impossible to drill from June through September.

During that time, an organization called Living Water International was contacted. They agreed to do the job and scheduled it for January of this year. Once the drilling was scheduled there was an error and it had to be postponed. Then there was the concern for how the equipment would get over their rough roads.

Another postponement.

By faith, Rachel says that a lot of work digging storage holes for the water needed to drill continued in preparation for the drilling process.