We need you!

You may have noticed that we have cut back to one story and prayer item each day on the NTM website, and at times – such as this week – we are not providing even that.

We apologize, and we assure you that we value your partnership in prayer. So we would appreciate it it you would pray about this situation.

We have gone from up to six full- and part-time writers to two part-time writers for the website. But that is not all that is expected of them. Along with another part-time writer and an editor, they are responsible for all the content for NTM’s magazine and newsletters and promotional materials.

We are seeking at least one more full-time writer in our Sanford, Florida, offices. It can be difficult to find and keep personnel in such positions because there is no salary; each staff member is responsible to find their own support.

Would you please pray that God directs the right person to this opportunity to be blessed and to be a blessing to others? If you are interested in writing, find out more.