God is using the ministry of teens to minister His love to their own people.

Meet two young missionaries, Jan Jan and Marnel. They are 18 and 19 years old. But Missionary Elise Long says they have been discipled and trained and are ready and eager to serve.

“But why have I been chosen for this privilege?” Marnel questioned amazed, yet beaming his delight. “I was once ready to quit school … and now I will be teaching kids?”

After being contacted about the need for teachers in the little pre-school, the two young men each prayed and asked for God’s direction about moving upriver to serve in this teaching ministry.

“Yes, I’ll go!” responded Jan after praying. His buddy, Marnel, said the same thing.

The pre-school is now underway, says Elise. And the 18 pre-schoolers love their dedicated and caring teachers. The two young men teach the class in the mornings under missionary oversight and then continue studying toward their own education in the afternoons.

They hike to their home village each weekend to participate in worship and Bible teaching.

Next, Elise asked for volunteers for an adult literacy program. Eleven teens raised their hands and have, Elise says, “proven to be dedicated and enthusiastic teachers.”

Elise writes that it is a particular joy to see these teens respectfully helping their older generation learn to read and write in their heart language.

“I am stepping back simply to coach these new teachers and they are slowly taking over,” Elise shares. “And an even greater joy is to see their desire to grow and be discipled as we meet to study God’s Word together.”

Pray for these young missionaries whose hearts God is molding for ministry and service for Him. “Yes, I’ll go!” are the three words that opened their lives to ministry.