Stephen and Carolyn Crockett minister among the Moi people of Asia-Pacific. “There’s a baby here named DabuMina (WednesdayTalk). Interesting name, yes, but the mom named him that after the day of the week that the ladies gather in their own individual hamlets and read God’s Word, pray and sing together. In a culture where women are considered possessions and often treated cruelly, the Moi women in general have become passionate about God’s Word. I love taking turns going between the hamlets and participating in their discussions of God’s Word. As we sit around in their smokey huts, I often find myself gazing at different women, floored by their love and understanding of God’s Word, and in spite of such poor, simple living conditions, they exude joy in the Lord! They do see the Lord and His Word as their source of hope.” Pray for good translation helpers among the Moi.