Chronological Bible Teaching

Luke 24:27 “Then beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He interpreted for them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.”

The whole Bible is the story of redemption

We believe that the gospel of grace is accurately understand in light of the whole story of the Bible. The good news of the gospel beings to unfold on the first page of Scripture, revealing the most incredible love story of all time! Perfect Creator, beautiful creation, tempter, sin, fallen man, brokenness, pain, hope, love, provision, restoration…Jesus.

Our chronological Bible teaching method systematically tells the story of the Bible so that the truths of the Old Testament provide the foundation for understanding and responding to the truth of the gospel. The Bible is powerfully changing lives as the unfolding story of God’s provision of salvation for all the ethnos continues to be told!

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FATO'S STORY: Fato lived in fear of the spirits but Jesus came to the rescue and set him free.

God asked him, “Who made you?”

Zakai replied, “You did, Yahweh.”

Then God asked Zakai, “Why should I let you into my home?”

“You shouldn’t,” Zakai replied, “I am a sinner, but I heard Your Talk when I was on the ground and I believed that it was true. I have no strength of my own and am asking Jesus to help me.”

God looked at Jesus and Jesus said, “He is mine.”

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