“And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.”

Luke 24:27

Firm Foundations

The chronological Bible teaching method used in Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ has helped believers from around the world gain a clear understanding of God, man’s relationship with Him, and the grace He has made freely available through the death of His Son. Use these full featured study materials to:

  • Gain greater insight into God’s character, grace, presence and activity through history
  • See man’s sinful state and separation from God and its consequences
  • Follow the beautiful revealing of God’s redeeming plan through Christ
  • Build a steadfast faith built on the foundation of God’s Word
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Downloadable versions are available from biblestudy.ethnos360.org.



Establish is a “multi-year disciple-making series that leads to maturity in Christ” based on the Building on Firm Foundations program. It was birthed in the highlands of Papua New Guinea but developed to be a tool for the Western church to engage the people of Canada whether Western, Immigrant or Indigenous.

Establish answers two foundational ministry questions:

  1. What is God’s goal for the church? — Maturity in Christ
  2. What is God’s means to His goal? — God takes people to His end as they are engaged through the progressive revelation of His Word from beginning to end.
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Laminated Bible Pictures

Beautifully illustrated and designed to accompany the Firm Foundations series, these pictures make great illustrations for sermons, Bible studies, and other presentations. The sets include 105 pictures laminated in thick, clear plastic.

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How can I share my faith with a foreign student at my university?
What can our church do to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways by helping refugees settle comfortably into our neighbourhood?
Where can I find a really good program for learning another language and understanding a culture?

AccessTruth exists to answer questions like these and to provide an exhaustive range of resources to help individuals, teams and churches share their faith effectively across cultures.

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