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Your gift to sponsor missionary flights will make air service more available to more than 200 missionaries planting churches among more than 130 people groups. And because the use of aircraft will be more effective, efficient and affordable, missionary teams will be able to begin work among even more people who have been isolated from the gospel.

Missionary Flight Sponsorship
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      Gifts to Ethnos Canada qualify for an official receipt for income tax purposes.
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      Aviation Is a Necessity

      Weigh these options: a rigorous two-day hike or an eight-minute flight from the nearest airstrip. Those are the options available to missionaries who live and work in the rugged mountains and rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Ethnos360 Aviation’s helicopter pilot Mike McGregor affirms, “Aviation is a necessity. There is no other way.” Missionary aviation also provides access to equipment, supplies and more. You can help make flights available for missionaries in remote locations. Every $600 sponsors an hour of flight time.

      Speed the spread of the gospel

      Your aviation skills and training can help missionaries plant churches faster by supporting their needs for safe transportation to remote areas. Ethnos360 Aviation is much more than just transporting people and supplies — missionary pilots also take an active part in the spiritual encouragement of missionary co-workers and the indigenous church.

      Visit our Ethnos360 Aviation website to view available positions or learn more about Ethnos360 Aviation — read our purpose, vision and values and answers to frequently asked questions.

      Roles and requirements for service

      All candidates for service with Ethnos360 Aviation must complete missionary training with Ethnos360 and undergo a technical skills evaluation with Ethnos360 Aviation. Missionary pilot candidates should have begun flight training before age 30.

      Missionary pilots

      Missionary pilots guide aircraft to a safe arrival at a bush location. Missionary pilots also minister as encouragers to the church-planting teams working in remote areas. Without access to a neighbourhood grocery or pharmacy, these teams require equipment, medicine, medical evacuation and mail to be supplied by air.

      • Missionary Pilot (Airplane) requirements:
        • Commercial Pilot certificate
        • Instrument Rating, airplane
        • 300 hours PIC
        • Aircraft Mechanic certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings
        • One year general aviation mechanic experience
      • Missionary Pilot (Helicopter) requirements:
        • Commercial Helicopter Pilot certificate
        • 500 hours PIC helicopter flight experience

      Maintenance technicians keep aircraft in excellent flying condition by performing all procedures necessary to comply with FAA standards and the standards of the host country where they work. Keeping in mind the precious cargo that the planes carry, these technicians dedicate themselves to the highest standards of aircraft maintenance.

      • Maintenance Technician (Maintenance Engineer) requirements:
        • Aircraft Mechanic certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings
        • Two years aircraft maintenance experience (general aviation experience with an IA certificate preferred)

      Avionics technicians service aircraft radio systems and equipment, high-frequency communication radios for the church-planting teams living in remote areas, other electronic equipment and, at times, computers. Often, there are no telephone services in the jungle, which makes the radio a vital communications tool.

      • Avionics Technician requirements:
        • Associates Degree in Electronics
        • General Class FCC license
        • One year electronics experience after obtaining degree


      Teach your kids about missions and about cheerfully giving to the Lord while helping to spread the Good News to unreached peoples.

      Collect your loose change and donate it to Ethnos360 Aviation.


      The Ethnos360 Aviation Journal shares how God is using aviation all over the world, and gives opportunities for interested individuals to be a part of that work by supporting the work through prayer and finances. You can read some of the back-issues below or click here to sign up to receive this newsletter several times a year.

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