22 Wana Believers Baptized

"These people used to be very afraid of us and [would] run away and hide from us, but now many of them have come to know the Lord as their Saviour and now [are] our brothers and sisters in Christ!"

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Pray for Brent and Jodi in the Yukon

Pray for Brent and Jodi as they pursue Ethnos' vision to see thriving indigenous churches throughout the First Nations communities in the Yukon. Currently, the Ristaus are in the early stages of seeking to build relationships with community members — this will require much prayer and wisdom going forward.

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Playing Charades to Communicate

"Learning a new language and culture is a long process. To be honest, there are days when we're motivated and days when we want to do anything but language study. Thank you for praying for us as we learn. Please continue to pray for motivation as we study."

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Kaje Believers Baptised

Please continue to pray for strength and stamina. Also, pray that this group of newly baptized believers will continue to live in light of the fact that Jesus is both the Lord and the Christ.

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Eternal Architecture

Jesus promised, "I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Two thousand years later, he still invites his followers to build with him!

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Moi Women Study God’s Word

Pray for Stephen and Carolyn as they continue to work at translating scripture into the Moi language. Also, for one of their Moi friends who has walked away from the Lord, that he would repent and come back.

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Keeping Our Noses to the Grindstone

"The challenge for us is just to keep our noses to the grindstone. Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, we need to stick with what we can do and just keep on doing it!"

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Pray for Those Providing Member Care

It’s been said that people don’t learn from experiences alone; they learn from reflecting on those experiences. Missionaries have a lot of new experiences and unexpected challenges that require time and space, along with a caring and listening ear, to adequately process and even grow from them.

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Translation Checking Progress

"Since our last update, we finished Nehemiah and have been working our way through the rest of Isaiah. This is not an easy book to translate. Thank you for praying."

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The Guahibo Bible is Finished!

Mark and Joyce Cain have ministered for over 40 years among the Guahibo people in Colombia. “The Guahibo Bible is [formatted and being proofread by Mark] and then on to the print shop! God graciously used us for 48 years working in church planting and Bible translation. In spite of […]

Get Away, You Frog

Joanna Jansma ministers among the Nagi people of the Asia-pacific Region. “Like my friend, maybe you have a testimony of the Lord saving you from a frightening frog. A Nagi friend shared the other day how ‘last night it was dark, and there was a frog under my house. Before […]

Pray for New Missionaries Studying Culture and Language

“We are really amazed at how things have kicked off in official language study! Steve has managed to gain 300 hours under his belt while still working on different projects and working on the house. I am really surprised that I have reached 211 hours in this first two and a half months and thank the Lord for His sustaining grace as I have juggled this with homeschooling."

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Equipping Missionaries to Teach Literacy

“This year is proving to be one with a different rhythm than the last years. And it’s a welcome and exciting change for us! This year is a gift to invest in two important projects which we would like to ask you to be praying."

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Wano People Asking for More Bible Teachers

“It’s always a hard day when Wano men hike a few days from their village to ask us to send people to them so that they can understand God’s Word for themselves, and we have to tell them that there isn’t anyone we can send."

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Restarting after Cancer Treatment

Last year, Canadian missionaries Derek and Chantal Chen had to leave their ministry in a tribal location so that Chantal could receive cancer treatment in Taiwan. It’s been a long year for them, but they are praising the Lord in that they are back in Papua New Guinea and […]

Pray for New Missionaries

Tyler and Allegra Sanford are recent graduates of Ethnos Canada’s missionary training program. They share, “God is Impressive. He has come through once again and we praise Him for it. We have officially reached 75% of our financial partnership goal! Thank you if you are part of that number or […]

Better Than Bread

Please join us in praying that many Tepehuán people will learn to read the Bible in their own language and learn of the Saviour who died for them and rose again to bring them new life.

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Sekadau Translation Check

Paul and Bella Gervasi minister in the Asia-Pacific region among the Sekadau people. “Now that the new year is here, the next big thing in front of us is the translation check. The translation checker plans to come mid-March to check Luke and possibly 1 and 2 Timothy. I have […]


“We have been in the process of locating an airplane in Brazil for many years. [Then] last November one of our missionaries flew a [Cessna] 206 down to Brazil,” wrote missionaries Jeff and Jackie Schaa. Since then, paperwork issues have kept the plane grounded.

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Prayer Requests for Week of May 24

“It has not gone unnoticed by Judy and me that our post middle age bodies are beginning to show the wear and tear of life,” wrote Bible translator James Burdett on their blog. Likewise, their equipment on the field is wearing out as well. Some of their equipment is more than 20 years old and limping along, requiring time for maintenance that pulls them away from translating the Bible.

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Monthly Gleanings from April 2015

Highlights from missionary updates from Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. Read the latest news from the front lines about Gospel outreaches, Bible translation, and the fruit God is producing.

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What about literacy?

Within the context of missions, teaching people to read or write rarely makes headlines, but it's vital to the church planting effort.

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