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Recent Prayer Updates

Pray for New Missionaries

"Pray as we start building up our team, the Lord would provide the necessary funds to leave for Nunavut by Summer of 2023 or sooner."

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“There’s no room under the tree!”

"Although they had no money for materials nor any way to cut the lumber they would need for posts and rafters, they stepped out by faith and began grading and preparing a lot for the building."

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God Has Raised Up Paí Bible Teachers

"Pray that God would give wisdom to me and the Paí Bible teachers with the opportunities in Brazil at two different locations and pray that God would raise up Paí Bible teachers in those communities who would clearly communicate the Gospel of Grace.”

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Life Continues with the Mengen Church

"Pray that the raw faith of the New Testament church would refresh us in our love for the gospel, our commitment to the family of God and God’s purposes for us as a church here in the jungle of inland Pomio."

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An Encouraging Conversation

"Our prayer for the Nagi church is that they would remain steadfast, growing in their walk with the Lord, worshipping together and encouraging one another.”

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Empowered by God to Learn

"We faced many challenges beyond our abilities. Praise God with us as we recognize God's faithfulness that transcends our circumstances."

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Pray for Boldness Among the Nahuatl People

Rachel Chapman ministers among the Nahuatl people of Mexico. “For years, we [my co-worker Katie and I] have been praying for boldness for the believers. In their culture, no one wants to stand out or call attention to themselves. When we began to invite the believers to help lead worship […]

Pray for Missionary Candidates

Shane and Karen Whatley minister with Ethnos Canada as trainers for new missionaries in Durham, Ontario. “Our training program is back in full swing, and we’re busy with 14 new students making a total of 31 students. It is a privilege to be able to work with those God has […]

Bibles Being Delivered to Tugutil Belivers

"Pray for these items that are yet to be completed: delivery of Bibles to the Tugutil church, distribution to the Tugutil outreach areas, the audio recording of the New Testament and updating of the Tugutil Bible app.”

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God + Nothing

Can God use our lives even if they don’t end up the way we expected? Russell and Nancy Sullivan have demonstrated that not only is God faithful in the midst of challenging circumstances, but His ways are truly best

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Father’s Day

This Father's Day, be reminded of who our Heavenly Father is, and who we are. Be reminded of what He is doing in this world, and why He has called His Church to engage in the Great Commission.

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Eternal Architecture

While chasing his dreams of becoming an architect, Todd realized that there's no greater building project than the Church - a building not of bricks and mortar, but of people around the world. Jesus promised, "I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Two thousand years later, he still invites his followers to build with him!

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We Are Ethnos Canada

Founded in 1942, we help local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to the unreached people groups of the World.

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Off The Grid

Learn what it takes to plant a thriving church among an unreached people group.

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Bigger Than Me

Following the Lord's call into ministry is impossible on our own, we need to recognize our position as part of the Body of Christ.

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Don’t Lose Heart

What drives us to continue in ministry--despite our feeble efforts, plans not going as expected, or as we lose momentum? Ministry among the unreached is long and hard. How are we going to do it? And why?

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Fear Not

Through her training at Ethnos Canada, Alix is learning how God wants to use her as a missionary despite her fears

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Getting Trained at Emanate

Cam chose to study at Emanate because he knew it would help him be better equipped to deal with the many cultural challenges he’d face overseas.

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God Can Use Anyone

Linguistic adaptability, an outgoing personality, and general handiness are all helpful attributes for cross-cultural missionary, but are they the most important?

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Missionary Training: Anything but Arbitrary

No matter where you serve, you want to thrive, not just survive. Whether it’s interpersonal conflict or challenging cultural barriers, Ethnos Canada's missionary training program exists to help believers prepare to establish thriving churches cross-culturally.

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