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Over 2,000 language groups have no access to the Bible.

Ethnos Canada plants thriving churches among these unreached people groups.

Long Term Missions

Career Missions

Ready for full time? Take the next step.

You can help unreached people have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. That opportunity is still out of reach for many people around the world. If you’re willing to make a long-term commitment to change that, we’re here to help you.

Mid Term Missions

Skilled Associates

Put your experience on the team.

There’s likely to be a place for your experience on the church-planting team, helping missionaries serving in remote villages who rely on dedicated missionaries who support their work.

Associates serve for six months to four years. Looking for something longer?

Short and Mid Term Missions

Mission Trips

Be a blessing, and be blessed as you go

Whether your trip is to somewhere in Canada, USA, Latin America or South East Asia, you will see God’s heart for the nations and how you could get involved.

We offer trips in a range of lengths from a few hours to a few months.

Mid Term Missions

Teach Abroad

Use your skills to impact the world

You already know that teaching overseas will enrich your life and your career. Teaching the children of missionaries is even better.

Many missionaries’ children become missionaries, pastors or church leaders. So when you teach, you are nurturing and developing tomorrow’s spiritual leaders.

Other Opportunities

Ready to use your professional skills to make a difference?


Help free career missionaries for other roles and expand the reach of the gospel to unreached people as a volunteer in Canada. Your work in Canada will benefit Ethnos’ church-planting efforts worldwide.

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Missionary Aviation

Pilots, pilot/mechanics, maintenance specialists, avionics technicians, and other professionals can help provide a choice for those without access to the gospel. Ethnos360 Aviation uses aviation to assist missionary teams to see a thriving church for every people.

Available Positions

Explore all available roles. All positions in Ethnos except church-planting roles are available to associates.

Becoming a Missionary

With billions of people still waiting to hear the gospel, the task is bigger than just us. God is calling out workers from the ethnos to go.

Our role in mobilizing, equipping and coordinating missionaries extends beyond our own culture. From all around to the world, God is calling out workers to be a part of reaching the ethnos!

Thousands of believers from more than three dozen countries are actively working together in Africa, Latin America, Northern Canada and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Are you ready to join?

Why Choose Ethnos?


Most missionaries serve through sending organizations. How can you and your church choose the one that’s right for you? Find some of the reasons you might choose Ethnos.

Positions Available

Explore all available positions in Ethnos

Financial Controller

Location: Field Office

Purpose: The purpose of NTM PNG is to plant tribal churches. To that end, NTM PNG must provide a quality Christ-centered support structure to enable this purpose. NTM PNG support missionaries are an essential part of the team that serves tribal church planting families


To serve in an accounting ministry at the NTM PNG Highlands center


  • Other Requirements
    Bachelor's degree in business or accounting

Computer Network and Systems Administrator

Location: City

Purpose: Computers are vital tools for missionaries. You can be a vital part of the missionary team using your skills as a network and systems administrator. Ethnos360 exists to assist the local church in planting mature churches among least reached people groups.


  • Maintaining our office network, consisting of a number of Win 10/11 workstations.
  • Maintaining wireless equipment, network router and modem.
  • Performing hardware and system upgrades, locally and remotely.
  • Maintaining network availability in remote locations.
  • Maintain our office phone system.
  • Maintain our network printers, and help as needed with daily operations.
  • Assisting with communication issues, such as Internet satellite services as well as cellular data connections, cellular phone issues, etc.
  • Assisting, as needed, in maintenance of computer/Internet problems of regional centers.
  • Providing end user technical support in Windows and Mac MS Office as needed.
  • Troubleshooting software, hardware and network issues on workstations and notebooks.


  • Other Requirements
    Honesty and integrity are an absolute must. Personal character is more important than computer skills.

Computer Skills Teacher K-8

Location: International School

Purpose: The purpose of Hillcrest International School is to enable sponsoring members and other evangelical, expatriate mission organizations to serve effectively by providing quality Christian education for their children. The purpose of Ethnos360 is to assist the local church in planting churches among least reached people groups.

Responsibilities: To teach computer skills to students K-8 grades.


  • Other Requirements
    Bachelor's Degree and Teacher Training required.

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