Other Payment Methods

Other Payment Methods

Pre-Authorized Debit

The most efficient and cost-effective way for you to partner financially

A Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) is the most efficient and cost-effective way for you to partner financially with an Ethnos missionary or project. To learn more, read the PAD frequently asked questions below.

The Benefits of Automatic Transfers

  • Increased safety: No cheque is in the mail and your transfer is secure.
  • More efficient: Your missionary can stay focused on ministry because your contributions are regular and reliable.
  • More effective: In the time it takes to process a few cheques, your PAD and hundreds of others can be processed, helping free missionaries for other ministries.
  • Less expensive: Your PAD contributions cost less in bank fees than contributions by cheque or credit card, so your giving goes farther.
  • More for your missionary: If you give by PAD instead of making recurring credit card gifts, more of your gift goes to your missionary. The credit card transaction fee — 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction — is paid by your missionary unless you choose to add to your gift.

Get Started with PAD

There are two ways to set up a PAD: Fill out the form online, then print, sign and mail it, or download it to complete and mail later. If you have questions or would like for us to help you with Pre-Authorized Debits, please contact our Finance Team toll-free at 844-855-6862 or finance@ethnos.ca

Pre-Authorized Debit Questions

How do I change my PAD giving?

Please contact our Finance Team at 519-369-2622 or finance@ethnos.ca. Please let us know if you change banks, so you can continue your partnership. You can also make changes such as adding a missionary’s ministry or a project, or increasing or decreasing the amount you give.

Can I set up PAD giving online?

For your protection, we require your signature before we begin transferring money from your bank account. Therefore, we ask that you print out the PAD form and either mail it or take a picture and email it to us.

Can I give quarterly or annually by PAD?

Automatic contributions are available only for monthly gifts. You may choose to have contributions deducted on the 1st or 15th of the month.

When will monthly contributions be deducted from my account?

You may choose to have contributions deducted on the 1st or 15th of the month. They will never be deducted before those dates. They may be deducted a few days later if the date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, or if the bank delays in debiting your account.

What if you make a mistake?

Please contact our Finance Team at 519-369-2622 or finance@ethnos.ca and we will promptly correct any error.

How do I find out my financial institution number?

The most reliable way to find out the correct information (transit number and institution number) is to contact your financial institution and ask.

How will I keep track of my gifts if you’re deducting them automatically?

You will receive a year-end receipt for tax purposes in February for the previous calendar year.

Why should I choose PAD over recurring credit card gifts?

You should choose the method for giving that best serves you. Many donors choose PAD when they learn that credit card transaction fees — 2.2 percent of each gift plus $0.30— are charged to missionary accounts. (Partners still receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount of the gift.)

What if I have other questions?

Our Finance Team will be glad to help you with any other questions you have about Pre-Authorized Debit or the form, or clarifications to any of the information on this page. Please call 519-369-2622 or e-mail finance@ethnos.ca.

Interac eTransfer

A quick and inexpensive way to send a donation without a credit card

An Interac eTransfer is a quick and inexpensive way to send an online donation to Ethnos Canada without a credit card. This option is available to anyone who has an account with one of the major Canadian banks or credit unions and is able to access that account online through their financial institution’s web page.


  • You initiate an electronic transfer of funds from your bank account to Ethnos Canada by visiting your account on your bank’s website. The web page will include an option for arranging Interac eTransfers.
  • You designate that the funds are to be transferred to Ethnos Canada by providing the email address of our finance department (finance@ethnos.ca).
  • Within the “message” of your e-transfer, please instruct how the donation is to be used, and if you are a first-time donor, please provide your mailing address, as we require this to create your year-end income tax receipt.

This option is useful for one-time donations but is not recommended for recurring (e.g. monthly) donations. For recurring monthly donations, a monthly pre-authorized debit should be arranged.

If you have questions or would like for us to help you with electronic funds transfers, please contact our Finance Team at 519-369-2622 or finance@ethnos.ca.

Cheque or Money Order

To give by cheque or money order, please make it payable to Ethnos Canada. Include a note to tell us if you are designating the gift for a particular project or missionary’s ministry, or how you would like to divide it among projects or ministries. Please send it to:

Ethnos Canada
PO Box 707
Durham ON  N0G 1R0

You will receive a receipt acknowledging your contribution, as well as an envelope and a slip that will speed the processing of future gifts.