Lisa Kappeler being interviewed

“I can’t imagine doing what we do without computers. It’s pretty vital.”

Lisa Kappeler, Bible translator to the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea and translation consultant

How does IT fit into missions?

“I just can’t imagine the amount of time that was spent in making corrections that I do now with one button.”

Technology has transformed Lisa Kappeler’s ministry over her 11 years as a Bible translator among the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea and as a Bible translation consultant.

But it takes IT professionals behind the scenes to allow that “push of a button” to happen.

You, as an IT professional, can help missionaries everyday to:

  • Learn a new language more quickly
  • Understand a foreign culture
  • Translate the Bible faster and accurately
  • Produce Bible curriculum
  • Develop literacy materials
  • Communicate with consultants
  • Equip the church

You can use your IT skills in missions in Canada or overseas as Security and Compliance Administrators, Data and Intelligence Analysts, Network and Systems Engineers, Hardware and Software Technicians, Software Programmers and Developers and Training Specialists and End-User Support.

Lisa concludes, “I can’t imagine doing what we do without computers. It’s pretty vital.”

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IT Support Technician

Provide hardware and software support.  Deploy new systems.  Other IT duties as directed.
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Internet/Communications Tech

To support the church planting efforts.
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Hardware Technician

Collaborate with and encourage your fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.  Upgrade, troubleshoot, debug, and repair basic computer hardware, software, and associated peripherals. Troubleshoot advanced office applications and develop, test, and implement solutions for problems detected.  Provide 2nd & 3rd level Help Desk support.

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System Administrator

Collaborate with and encourage your fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.  Plan, upgrade, and maintain system hardware and software.  Undertake recovery action in the event of a system failure.  Assist in maintaining an Office365 environment.
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Network Administrator

Collaborate with and encourage your fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.  Plan upgrade and maintain network and communication equipment.  Setup and maintain VPN services and bandwidth optimization.  Maintain network security and availability for workstations in the primary and remote locations. 
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Software Developer / Programmer

Collaborate with and encourage our fellow NTM PNG team members in all aspects of living and service.   Learn and analyze NTM PNG specific business processes. Plan develop, and maintain new features for the NTM PNG Intranet.  Work with our business departments to maintain our ERP and reporting systems.  
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System Administrator

Installs and maintains physical and virtual servers. Designs, implements and maintains deployment solutions.  Designs, implements and maintains backup and recovery solutions. Provides appropriate access to domain resources on the MTC network. Designs, implements and maintains Group Policy Objects for the MTC OU in the domains.  Analyzes and resolves issues. Purchases and deploys systems on a regular schedule.  Maintains phone system, voicemail and applications. Maintains inventory of all MTC-owned systems.  Provides technical assistance and support for incoming requests related to software and hardware.  Stays updated on new technologies. 

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Network Technician / Network Administrator

Design, install and maintain the campus network, including network equipment and infrastructure.  Monitor network health, including bandwidth management and usage. Manage and maintain the campus telephone system.
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Tech Services

General center related maintenance and upkeep. Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair solar electric systems. Household appliance repair, i.e. washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc. Install maintain, troubleshoot and repair water systems, and plumbing. Small engine repair.  Other duties as assigned.
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Office 365 Solutions Architect

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Microsoft Office End User Support Specialist

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Systems Administrator

  • Technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure.
  • Ensure system hardware, operating systems, software systems, and related procedures adhere to organizational values.
  • Install new or rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings directories, storage, etc. in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.  Repair and recover from hardware or software failures.
  • Develop and maintain installation and configuration procedures.
  • Manage daily backup operations, file archival and purge as necessary.
  • Provide Tier III/other support per request from various constituencies.   Investigate and troubleshoot issues.
  • Manage Windows Server Update Services patching and updates for the home office and data center environments. 
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Microsoft Office 365/Azure Service Administrator

Responsible for managing, administering and governing the Office 365 hybrid environment, including Exchange Online, Sharepoint and OneDrive, provision and manage Enterprise Mobility and Security suite tools and monitor and administer services in the Azure portal including the Azure Active Directory.  The resource will work in a team environment and cross team collaboration with effective communication and accountability being of the highest importance.

Responsibilities include: 
  • Maintain and manage the health of the tenant.
  • Manage licenses and subscriptions in the tenant.
  • Work as a team to resolve analytics and error reports from Microsoft.
  • Manage response to upcoming changes from Microsoft.
  • Resolve complex routing problems in a heterogeneous environment.
  • Develop custom powershell scripts for automation, redundant task, reporting, monitoring, etc.
  • Create and maintain daily/weekly monthly operational checklists and operational reports.
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The System Administrator is responsible to maintain, upgrade and manage system software, hardware and the network. The System Administrator is to ensure that the The Homes technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.
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Computer Software Consultant

Installation and management of software.  Also, providing consultation when operational issues arise.
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IT Tech & Web Design

Seeking to meet the computer needs of the field office and church planters in West Africa through personal expertise and through discipleship equipping someone from a local church or community).
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Computer Network and Systems Administrator

A few of the responsibilities are: Maintaining the openSUSE Linux server and office network, consisting of a number of Win 10 workstations.  Maintaining firewalls, wireless equipment, and network router and modem.  Performing hardware and system upgrades, locally and remotely. Maintaining network availability in remote locations.
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Network Administrator

Plan for IT infrastructure growth, design and maintenance across all US sites in the wide area network (WAN) environment. Manage VPN environment and provide support for home office segmented network. R&D for Ethnos360 Networking projects and initiatives. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. Maintain data center environmental and monitoring equipment. 

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IT Network Administrator

Maintain and give direction for a network of 100+ computers at the school.
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Information Management Specialist

1.    Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to capture, organize, centralize, archive, maintain and access current and future organization-wide information.  Train people to input and retrieve data.  This includes:
a)    Identify what information needs to be captured, both current and future.
b)    Identify the uses of that information.
c)    Develop methods to collect information.
d)    Develop methods for personnel to access relevant information.
2.    Coordinate completion and collection of timely and routine reports.
3.    Gather information from other organizations, NGOs and government agencies.
4.    Compile and maintain a detailed inventory of existing information resources.
5.    Regularly reassess information strategies in light of company priorities and goals as well as technology changes.
6.    Develop and maintain documentation in these areas.

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IT Positions

Serving the IT needs of missionaries.
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Telephone/Computer/WiFi Support Technician

Troubleshoot advanced office applications. Develop, test, implement and document solutions to problems detected during troubleshooting. Install operating systems and applications software. Update and configure operating systems, BIOS and drivers. Assist in other areas of the IT/ICT department as needed. Installation or repair of telephone stations in residential and NTMC office facilities.

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Computer Network and Systems Administrator

Set up and maintain Windows 2012 servers, firewalls and routing. Perform hardware and system upgrades. Document current network topology. Provide detailed statistics of network availability and utilization. Provide end-user technical support as needed and troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues on workstations and notebooks. Purchasing and maintaining service agreements for implemented products. 

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