Explore available roles. All positions in Ethnos except church-planting roles are available to associates.


Field Homeschool Administrator's Assistant

Assisting the Administrator as needed, assisting with standardized testing, organizing and working in the Resource library.
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Business Administrator

Facilities and budget responsibilities. Management of staff in the business office.
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Finance Office Manager

Assists and answers to the treasurer. Answers questions concerning day to day operations and procedures of the finance office.  Responds to phone and email questions. Researches donor questions via phone, internet or e-mail.  Backup to all positions.  Monitors work loads though out the office.  There are other duties as assigned.
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Finance Manager

Keeping the financial records of Bourofaye Christian School.  Software used: Quickbooks Pro2012, Excel and Word.
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Facilities Manager

Managing the facilities budget as well as managing the qualified staff in the the facilities team.
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Center Manager

Responsible for oversight of the maintenance and building of facilities, center security, citizen employees, and NTM PNG members working in related departments. 
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To serve in an accounting ministry at the NTM PNG Highlands center.
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Administrative Assistant

Provides administrative support for the development and maintenance of the Member Services Team’s process and function.  Helps maintain efficiency and function workflow by studying current methods, procedures, operations, recordkeeping, and forms; assists in the development and revision of new procedures, helping implement and train when needed.  Provides general administrative support across the Member Services Team as needed.
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Director of Finance

Works with Ethnos360 Finance Office to ensure compliance with Ethnos360 policy.    Coordinates, develops, and tracks budgets.  Communicates appropriate financial information to EBI Leadership team and department heads.  Ensures the confidentiality and security of all financial and employee files.  Reviews and submits monthly payroll. Meets with students regarding their financial accounts at the school and offering financial counsel as needed. Oversees and processes all necessary financial matters related to federal, state, and local governments. Other duties as assigned.

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Tax Clerk

Tax Return Printing/Distribution
     1. Print Member Tax Returns to PDF format
     2. Email Tax Returns to Member

Tax Return Electronic Filing
     1. Electronically File Tax Returns using Tax Software
     2. Process Form 9325 and Send to Member
     3. Send Confirmation Emails to Member
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Bookkeeper and Liaison w/ Partner orgs

Liaison with partner organization requiring a high degree of national language proficiency. Responsible for mission account oversight and quality control.  Responsible to operate and manage the bookkeeping outstation for the region.
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Mission Home Host and Liaison w/ Partner orgs

To oversee the operation of the mission guest home, plus liaise with partner organizations.   Estimated 10-25 hours per week.  This ministry would be combined with other roles.
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Accountant and Liaison w/ Partner orgs

Responsible to account for all incoming, outgoing, and held funds.
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Government Representative

To represent the mission's interest, handle official correspondence, maintain official papers, and oversee legal aspects of mission activities.
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Information Manager

Coordinate field information, calendar, database, communication, Scripture and literacy printing, etc.
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Accounts Receivable Persons

Responsibilities will be opening and sorting mail, creating designs, scanning boxed receipts, proofing others work, making address changes as needed for the Ethnos360 magazine, forwarding missionary mail, processing end of the month mail/vouchers, Bookstore check and cash processing, Bookstore credit card batch processing and the processing of credit card donations.
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Accounts Payable Desk

Prepare payables, Pay statement accounts, Pay invoices, Pay missionary bills as required, Research questions with vendors, Prepare check requests, Prepare transfers.  Also there will be responsibilities with the Mail Sort Desk and the Finance Office Phone and Customer Counter.
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Business Manager

Give leadership to the Mozambique office team (that handles visa paperwork and other documents, supply buying and other services), timely and accurate upkeep of all financial records and communication of financial information to the team, and communication with sending partners and field leadership.

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Service Team Point Person

Connect regularly with church planters to assess real service needs. Be able to provide practical services needed or network with those skilled workers in the local community or in local churches.  Cultivate relationships with local believers so as to engage in discipleship and to keep the vision of reaching unreached peoples clear.  Work closely with the Service Leadership Team in West Africa.
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Guest Home Host/Hostess

Scheduling, maintenance, cleaning and finances.
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Field Business Administrator

Oversight of business transactions, handling of daily finances, purchasing,communication with tribal teams and other personnel, etc.
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Be the bookkeeper for the national training center; be a back up for the primary bookkeeper; get involved in a Spanish speaking local church.
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Answer Office Phones.
Respond to e-mails and Walk-in Traffic.
Perform Miscellaneous Clerical Duties.
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