Explore available roles. All positions in Ethnos except church-planting roles are available to associates.



Oversee and supervise the cooks in meal preparation and service. Schedule all full-time and part-time cooks/helpers in the kitchen, including weekends and holidays.  Follow the state approved menu, note alterations and/or substitutions.  Maintain kitchen and dining room food handling procedures in accordance with county and state guidelines.  Inform the ALF Administrator or nursing staff on duty, of changes or variations in normal resident eating habits.
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Canteen and Catering Supervisor

Managing the canteen budget and qualified staff.  The FIA canteen primarily provides lunch for students and staff each school day.
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Understands and maintains the state requirements for operation of a food service establishment. Prepares food for the students and staff of EBI. Communicates pertinent information regarding daily operations to either the Coordinator or a manager.  Prepares food in any area as directed in the absence of personnel.
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Food Service Coordinator

Provide food service for conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. and coordinate a team of volunteers to assist. 
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Oversee the nutritional needs of the ALF residents and Latham Center residents (retirees). Instruct new residents of dining room procedures. Cook and serve meals during scheduled cooking hours/days.  Follow the State approved menu, note alterations and/or substitutions.  Assist in maintaining a weekly/daily shopping list, plus other responsibilities relevant to the position.
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