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Recent Prayer Updates

Wanting to Engage in Heart-Level Conversations

Canadians Nathan and Emily Willems serve with Ethnos360 Aviation in the Asia-Pacific Region. “Though these days are not ideal for learning language and normal culture, we thank God that He has helped us progress through the first two stages of language learning. A year ago we understood just words and […]

The Time is Here!

"Pray that over these next few months they would hear and understand who the God of the Bible is and that He loves them, that he sent His one and only Son to die on the cross to pay the penalty for their sins and ours.”

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Pray for Literacy Among the Manobo People of the Philippines

Canadians Grant and Marianne Bayfield minister among the Manobo people of the Philippines. “We now have three literacy classes going each day, two ladies’ classes and one men’s class, with a total of nineteen students. And the seven teachers are graduates from the first literacy classes. Both teachers and students […]

Maliyali People Are Learning to Read

"We could never do this without all of you back home who are supporting us and praying for us, so we wanted to give you a chance to rejoice with us. We made a short video update so that you can see a glimpse of our Maliyali literacy."

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Developing Bible Curriculum For Believers in West Africa

"I want to travel ... to spend time with the believers, discuss this with them and work on refining drafted lesson material. There is a new cell tower in the village, so I am hopeful this will allow for communication between us. Right now, the situation there is uncertain … with travel restrictions."

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Pray for the New Believers in Amdu, Pei, Kaje

"The year began with our team in Kaje presenting the gospel for the first time and many embracing Christ as their Saviour. In June, the Pei people heard. Last week the ‘greatest news of all time’ came to the Amdu people."

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Pray for the Amdu People of Papua New Guinea

"You have joined us in praying for the recent Creation to Christ Bible teaching among the Amdu. Here is a snippet that will show you just a small bit of the spiritual fruit that was produced because you prayed."

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