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Recent Prayer Updates

From the World, To the World

God has blessed us with a diverse team. They are essential to the ministry of taking God’s Word to people who have been waiting far too long to hear it.

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Covid-19 Obstacles

Stranded in the city. Shut out of the city. Which was worse for groups of indigenous students on both sides of the COVID-19 restrictions in Indonesia?

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The Facilitator

You think the world is changing fast around you, right? COVID-19. Unrest on all sides. Technology advancing at lightning speed. It’s hard to know how to deal with it all.

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Three for PNG: Part One

Stand amazed with us at the goodness of the Lord! He has provided funds for Ethnos360 Aviation to purchase the first of three Robinson R66 helicopters for Papua New Guinea!

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Waiting for a Believing Wife

"Please pray for this couple to have a strong relationship with each other and the Lord and that He may use them to continue spreading the gospel to the rest of the Wano.”

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22 Wana Believers Baptized

"These people used to be very afraid of us and [would] run away and hide from us, but now many of them have come to know the Lord as their Saviour and now [are] our brothers and sisters in Christ!"

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