Before I was cold, but now, as I hear this teaching, I am getting warm

These First Bible Lessons…

Seth Callahan, ministering among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea, shares some of the colourful word pictures he has heard from the people as they are hearing the first of many chronological Bible lessons. These lessons are laying the foundation for the presentation of the gospel.

…Are like a Sharp Machete

“It’s like we are a tree, and our ancestral stories are a vine that is wrapped tightly around us. Satan wants to kill us with this vine, but God’s Word is slowly pulling the vine away, so we can live!”

“Before, I was trying to clear my garden [live my life] with a dull machete, but now this teaching has come, and it is like a new file to sharpen my knife with. Now my work can go well.”

Pray That They Truly Understand

Others remarked, “This talk about Noah has killed my thinking.”

“Before I was cold, but now, as I hear this teaching, I am getting warm.”

Pray for the Iski people as the Bible teaching continues. Their animistic beliefs dictate that they “manipulate the spirits” so their lives will go well. Pray for clarity in the teaching so that they would understand that God is not a spirit to be manipulated, but rather their Creator and Saviour Who is worthy of their worship.