Bible Translation Motocross Obstacle Course

Beyond the Last Road

“My road trip to get to the interior location for the second translation check turned out to be much more of an adventure than I expected!” exclaimed Bob Clark, translation consultant with Ethnos. “The first two to three hours after leaving the city were fine, but the farther interior we came, the narrower the roads got. … Then the road ran out of pavement.”

A Motocross Obstacle Course

After the pavement stopped, they traversed narrow, winding, pothole-filled dirt roads before even those came to an end. The passengers, luggage and supplies — which included eggs — were then loaded onto motorcycles. That’s when the real adventure began.

“I remember thinking that someone who likes to skydive or feel that adrenaline rush from other dangerous undertakings would love the ride I was on,” Bob wrote. “Unfortunately, I am not one of those people, and between the lack of a helmet and knowing the precariousness of carrying my laptop on my back, I wasn’t eager to sign up for this ride again.”

Yet he knew that in just over a week’s time, he would be taking that same motocross obstacle course back to civilization. And he was okay with it. But why?

For a Greater Purpose

For Bob the trip was worth it despite the overabundance of adrenaline rushing through his veins. It was worth it because he went there for a greater purpose — to complete a translation check for portions of God’s Word translated in the Sekadau language.

Sometimes, in order to see unreached people groups reached, you have to go beyond the last road. Pray that soon the Sekadau will have even more of God’s Word in their own language.