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We wanted to make you aware of a recent development for Ethnos360 Bible Institute (EBI). We would like to announce the launch of Ethnos360 Bible Institute Online! Our entire EBI program is now available online. Check it out at


A full-time student can complete the entire 64-credit program in two years. With EBI Online, this includes summer classes. The academic calendar is broken down into three trimesters per year (Fall, Spring and Summer) with short breaks between each trimester. This yearlong schedule is due in part to the fact that EBI Online targets a different demographic from our traditional campus. Most of our online students are in the workforce. A program that runs year-round makes it possible to spread the academic calendar over a longer period of time.

Because we value foundational Bible teaching, courses are offered in sequence. For example, Pentateuch and Old Testament History are offered before Prophets; the Prophets course is offered before the Gospels and so on. This approach allows us to provide the best possible training for our online students.

All courses were pre-recorded with studio quality. Each course runs seven weeks and is broken down into weekly lessons. Our approach provides the right balance of structure and flexibility. Students can watch the course lectures and complete learning assignments at their convenience during the weekly lesson, as long as they meet the weekly deadlines. All of our courses include video lectures, group discussions and learning activities designed specifically for an online format.

Why EBI online?

The purpose of Ethnos360 Bible Institute is “to establish believers in the foundational truths of the Bible with an emphasis on church planting among people groups without the gospel.” Decades of history have shown us that our Bible Institutes not only have provided solid biblical training but also have had a tremendous impact in mobilization. We all agree that EBI is a good thing. But again, why EBI online?

The current reality of our culture is that many people are pursuing online education. We believe that an online program with our distinctives will better prepare men and women for serving with Ethnos. Our courses are taught by Ethnos missionaries and flavoured by our distinctives: a heavy emphasis on missions, focus on discipleship, grace and Christian life principles, foundational teaching and a strong emphasis on hermeneutics.

What about discipleship?

Online students do not have the benefit of face-to-face interaction with staff and other students. Nevertheless, because we value discipleship, EBI Online has made great strides towards creating opportunities for discipleship within our program.

All students enrolled in one of our academic programs are required to find a mentor in their local church and meet with that mentor for two semesters. We provide criteria for finding a mentor and articulate the expectations of both mentor and student.

EBI Online has found other ways to bring discipleship into our program. In all our courses, we have created learning assignments that are designed to enable the student to integrate the truths of the Word of God into everyday life.

Some courses include live discussions where the students and teacher meet on Microsoft Teams to discuss what they are learning in class and answer any questions they might have. In the near future, we plan to launch a weekly discussion time where students and teachers interact.

How much does it cost?

Each course taken for credit is $160 per credit hour. There are 64 credit hours in all. Students can audit a course for $40 per credit hour. Other semester fees include a $100 Technology Fee and a $100 Admin Fee. A full-time student should expect to pay approximately $5,720 per year. This means that a full-time student should expect to pay approximately $11,440 for the entire program.

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