These are some of the creative ways you can support Ethnos’ work around the world:

Gifts by Will or Irrevocable Trust

A bequest is the most traditional form of Planned Giving, allowing donors to retain full use of gift property during their lifetime while providing  financial support of Ethnos Canada ministries following death. An irrevocable trust makes it possible for a donor to set funds aside for future use by Ethnos Canada, yet continue to receive income from those funds in addition to a receipt for income tax purposes during their lifetime. Other trust options are also available for deferred or immediate donation purposes.

Gifts of Interest Free Loans

An interest-free loan is a revocable agreement whereby a donor lends a portion of their excess financial assets to Ethnos Canada to be invested for either a pre-determined period of time or payable on demand. The interest earned on the principle provides support for the ministries of Ethnos Canada while remaining non-taxable to the donor. Arrangements can also be made for all or part of the loan to be forgiven at some point in the future, whereupon the principal itself becomes a charitable donation and a receipt for tax purposes will be provided.

Benefits from RRSPs and Pensions

Designating Ethnos Canada as the beneficiary of a retirement fund reduces the tax burden against your estate and provides financial support to Ethnos Canada immediately following your death by avoiding delays associated with probated wills.

Gifts of Securities

Transferring securities (e.g. stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) directly to Ethnos Canada makes it possible for donors to contribute the full value of the security to the Lord’s work and eliminate the capital gains tax. The donor receives a receipt for the full fair-market value of the transferred securities. To begin the process, please download, complete and submit our Gift of Securities form.

Life Insurance Gifts

Naming Ethnos Canada as either a partial or sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy is one way of providing ongoing support for the Lord’s work at the end of your lifetime. Depending upon the arrangement, you may receive tax benefits during your lifetime while making a larger gift than you may ever have thought possible.

Gifts of Endowment

An endowment is an enduring gift (usually of a substantial amount) given to provide continuing income to Ethnos Canada for years to come. The original gift is invested for either a specific period of time or indefinitely, thereby generating income to support the ministries of Ethnos Canada. An endowment may be established during a donor’s lifetime or created by bequest in a will.

To explore these opportunities, please contact our Finance Department at 519-369-2622 or