Introducing Gideon & Cassidy Willard

Gideon and Cassidy

What is your purpose in life? If we are honest with ourselves, what motivates us in life is directly linked to what we believe our purpose is. Out of all the things that could motivate someone, there is only one thing that leaves a person fulfilled: doing what they were created to do. 

As believers, we are witnesses to the greatest love story ever told. This story is revealed to us through God’s Word, from the first chapters of Genesis through the final words of Revelation. God created us for the purpose of His glory, to know Him through a personal, intimate relationship, and to make Him known. In the pages of Scripture, we see that though this relationship was affected in the garden by the fall, out of love, God continued to pursue His purpose for mankind, even when they did not choose His way. God created mankind to have a relationship with Him, and He was not content to leave them in a state that would not allow for this purpose to be fulfilled. 

I, Gideon, grew up as a “missionary kid” in a remote village in West Africa. I loved being outside playing with the village kids, reading in the trees, hunting, etc. 

I, Cassidy, grew up a dairy farmer’s daughter in Southeastern Manitoba. I spent a lot of time watching hockey with my family, studying classical piano, and playing volleyball. 

We were exposed to and had an interest in missions from a young age on, as both our families had involvement with cross-cultural missions. When the time came for us to attend Bible college (Ethnos360 Bible Institute) as singles, neither of us were intending to be actively involved with missions. In fact, in many ways, we were both selfishly saying “no” to the Lord. It was through grappling with the question of purpose in life and growing in our relationships with the Lord that we found our plans changing. We began to recognize that our hearts should beat for the same things His heart beats for: for us to know Him and make Him known. 

This change in plans led us (as singles) to pursue equipping for cross-cultural ministry with Ethnos Canada. This is where we met and the Lord led us to pursue Him and life in ministry together as we found ourselves heading in the same direction. 

God’s heart for people is what has captured our hearts. Having experienced the transformation that can only come from the love of Christ, we find ourselves compelled to continue seeking to know Him more and make Him known in Arctic Canada.

Pray with us as we are trusting the Lord to “move many mountains” in the next few months. 

Of all the things that could motivate someone, there is only one thing that leaves a person fulfilled: doing what they were created to do. Will you join us in knowing Him and making Him known?