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Sent by the Church

For over 20 years, representatives from this people group of more than 6,000 have been asking missionaries to bring them “God’s Talk.” Until now, they have remained cut off with neither gospel message nor Bible in their own language.

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  • Moi people learning to read their language

Why Do They Need to Read?

Take a moment to think about how amazing it is that you can decipher these little black marks on white paper into words. Hundreds of languages still have no alphabet and therefore no written form.

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  • sports teammates linking arms

What Are They Doing on This Team?

The way you view the relationship between missionaries and the church might not be biblical.

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  • woman expressing wonder upon learning the truth

Too Moved to Move

As the Akolet people silently absorbed the truth, realization dawned. The spirits they had feared and worshiped for generations didn’t have any power either!

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  • fancy pen writing in cursive

From Our Executive Director

What is amazing is that as the body of Christ—the Church—we have been tasked with taking this message of hope to the nations/ethnos... God wants to use ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary work.

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  • a family standing in front of a tree

Wesley & Tenley Jank

During our adventures together, God has given us four children and taken us to Paraguay, South America, where it was our ambition to be church planters among one of the many people groups of the Chaco region of Paraguay.

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AN EXCITED GROUP OF INAPANGS gathered on the first day of teaching, meeting in the U-shaped shelter they built for the occasion. A timeline representing biblical history stretched about 50 yards around the building.

“We are just this last mark in time, but God’s story goes all the way back to the beginning,” said a man who spoke for all those who marvelled at the new revelation.

“Our ancestors didn’t know about all that time back behind us. They didn’t know and so they couldn’t tell us. We didn’t know either until now.”

Their knowledge of God’s story and how it would affect them was just beginning…

Enter into the incredible journey of redemption for the Inapang people. Discover what it takes to reach an unreached people group and rejoice with us as you witness their transformation, from darkness to light!

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  • Learn how God is reaching unreached peoples around the world.
  • Experience the challenges of ministering in a foreign culture.
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Your adventure into tribal missions — without even leaving North America!

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