Allan and Esther grew up in Christian homes and met in a farming community in northern BC. They both attended one year of Bible school after high school and were married in 1977. They spent the first seven years of married life in a farming business. During these years they served in their home church and matured as believers.

Even before they were married, Allan and Esther talked about full-time Christian ministry and were praying about how they might do this in the future. In 1983, Allan enrolled at Moody Bible Institute in the missionary aviation program. During the years at Moody, they were made aware of several ministries serving among Canada’s First Nations and Inuit. Through this exposure, they felt led by God to serve in their home country.

In 1988, after graduating from Moody, they were accepted as full-time missionaries with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission. They have spent the last 29 years serving with NCEM in various roles. The verses in 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 have had a strong influence in their lives, contributing to their desire to be “ministers of reconciliation”. Some of their roles have included in-community church development, pilot/mechanic, director of NCEM aviation, field and executive team leadership, and church planting facilitators.

Now as part of Ethnos Canada, Allan & Esther will continue to be a resource to Indigenous Ministries staff, give member care to missionaries returning to Canada on home assignment, assist with mission representation at Bible schools and missionary training centers, and help to develop one – week mission modules to be presented at various Bible colleges. They also plan to serve at Ethnos360 Aviation for several months each year. Allan will also be available to assist with the possible development of an aviation support program for church planting teams in isolated parts of Canada’s north.