David & Debra grew up in Christian homes and met at a youth group event in Huron County, Ontario They were married in 1979 and spent the first 11 years of married life operating their dairy farm and working in their home church maturing as believers and as a couple/family. In 1990 Dave & Deb responded to God’s call on their life to serve as missionaries. After selling everything, and completing the training with Ethnos Canada they and their 5 young daughters moved to Papua New Guinea to work with two other Canadian couples among the Saniyo People. A young church was born in 1997 among the Saniyo. Dave and Deb served for 25 years in Papua New Guinea until 2017 when they were forced to return to Canada due to Deb’s health. During those years in PNG they served in various support roles including builder, barge and sawmill operator, dorm parents, regional and field wide leadership, business office, supply buying, guest house and housing manager, administration, regional centre managers and church planting facilitators. In 2017, after coming home suddenly due to health, they joined the home staff of Ethnos Canada and Indigenous Ministries. Dave and Deb help out where ever they are able or needed, which currently means Dave is helping the maintenance team and managing various projects on the centre and Deb is working in the tax department of the business office.