I, George Hertwig (Rev.), was born in Austria, Europe, and my wife, Ulli, was born in Bavaria, Germany. We both come from Christian homes. After attending Bible College, we felt a call into First Nations work among Canada’s Aboriginal peoples with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission (NCEM in 1983).

We served in Ft. Liard, NWT, among the Dene (Slavey) people and at Eden Valley Reserve among the Nakoda Sioux people (Stoney) of southern Alberta and then for 10 years as Western Field Directors for NCEM.

We became convicted that missionary work among the First Nations people needs to take the worldview of the people into stronger consideration and therefore completed the 3 semester Missionary Training Centre program in Missouri (with Ethnos360), graduating in 2012. We are now full members of Ethnos Canada.

In co-operation with several others, we have been called to help deploy the new ministry effort and Canadian Field of Ethnos Canada called Indigenous Ministries among Canada’s First Nations peoples.

We appreciate your prayers very much.